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Roadmap Q & A

What are the benefits for the Visionary Rabbits holders?  

The Visionary Rabbits holders will:  

  • Have access to exclusive events in the metaverse, including the events made in the Visionary Rabbits Gallery, that they will see first;  

  • Participate in the NFT drawings. The NFTs will be purchased with regularity, considering creators and artists from different levels and fields; 

  • Have the commercial rights of their NFTs; 

  • Be part of the evolution of the project. 


Why do you want to build a Gallery in the Metaverse?

We believe that is original to have a space in the metaverse that will offer entertaining experiences for the public.

NFTs from different creators will be exhibited, proving how much creativity exists in the NFT space. And we will be motivating not only the Visionary Rabbits holders to participate in these events but the general public, from inside and outside the NFT space and the Crypto world. It’s also a great way to give support to NFT creators.

We see the Gallery as a new frontier for cultural spaces. In the same way that we have physical galleries today, we will have much more Galleries in the metaverse in the future, supporting NFT creators and spreading culture in the world.


How are you going to buy the NFTs for the Visionary Rabbits holders?

We will buy NFTs, considering different marketplaces and NFT creators. Some members of our team (including the creator of the Visionary Rabbits) have specializations in art, design, and museology. And they already know many creators from the NFT space. 

So, we will focus on good creations from different levels of creators. We will buy at least one NFT per week. The drawings will happen at the end of the week. 



How will the Visionary Rabbits Gallery work?

The Gallery will have: 

  • Solo exhibitions;

  • Collective exhibitions;

  • Different events, coming from different creators in the metaverse;

In the case of solo exhibitions, we will invite established artists from the NFT space to participate. And the collective exhibitions can be organized with Open Calls or invitations.  

We want to make a Gallery that has movement. And that makes people realize that it's a great place to visit.

The Visionary Rabbits holders will have exclusive access to the new events in the Gallery. Then, it will open for the general public. 



Do you already know how you will make the Gallery?

Yes. we will build it on Decentraland. We already have a vision for the Gallery, but we will discuss with the architects that we will hire, to define better how it will be. And the team of architects will be announced when we reach an agreement.


But you will only build the Gallery?

​That is our first promise and commitment. And we have a big vision for the Gallery. But of course that we want to do more. It will all depend on the project's growth and development. We also want to expand the Visionary Rabbits presence in other spaces in the metaverse. But we also want to be bold and execute different projects, build the IP of the Visionary Rabbits, and even their story. We will make the project evolve with the community.

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