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Visionary Rabbits is a collection of 10,000 unique and programmatically generated Visionary Rabbit NFT (unique digital collectibles). They live in the Ethereum blockchain. They want to build a Society with their community, expanding and supporting creations in the metaverse.



Visionary Rabbits can see the power of culture in the NFT space and in the metaverse so they will:


  • Invest in NFTs to give back to the community;

  • Build a Gallery on Decentraland, to make exhibitions and other events, bringing more culture and entertainment to the metaverse.


Visionary Rabbits are cool, magical, geeks, rebels, artists and stars! They have a free spirit and they live in the Ethereum blockchain. They are visionaries because they know that when technology meets creation, anything can happen. And with NFTs and the metaverse, this is the time to build the future, having more resources for that.

                                                         Price: 0.1 ETH + gas

                                                         Launch: Soon




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* All traits were also made to fit in the profile picture, including the ones that are more spacious.



Collection: 10,000 unique and programmatically generated Visionary Rabbit NFT

Price: 0.1 ETH + gas

Token: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

Host: IPFS



As soon as the whole collection is sold out, we will focus on the Roadmap and we will:

  •  Buy NFTs to make drawings for the Visionary Rabbits holders;

  •  Buy land on Decentraland;


  • Build the Visionary Rabbits Gallery on Decentraland, to make exhibitions and other entertaining events;

  • We will make other innovations, but we can’t show them yet. We will always focus on the expansion of the metaverse with the Visionary Rabbits, also building their IP, giving different experiences for VR holders and even the general public, feeding culture and creativity in the metaverse.


The Visionary Rabbits holders will have access to exclusive events in the metaverse, and they will participate in the NFT drawings. They will also have the commercial rights of their NFTs and they will be part of the evolution of the project.



The EARS are the trademark of the Visionary Rabbits. With this style and movement, is possible to recognize all of them, showing originality and the connection with the Visionary Rabbits community.


Their EYES express this connection with visionarism, having emotion and soul, turned to the horizon, always analyzing and seeking new visions.


The ACCESSORIES and CLOTHES, have a wide range, of different genres, from basic to more sophisticated items for specific occasions, to show the maximum reach that the Visionary Rabbits can have in their styles.


The FURS, MOUTHS, and BEARDS are also diversified to show different species, emotions, personalities, and ages.


The Visionary Rabbits mix many traits that resonate directly with their peculiar style, that many may think is quite eccentric, but it’s just because they are visionaries, having their own signature.


The rabbits were chosen because rabbits are smart, curious, and there are many of them, having a connection with the size and diversity of the collection. They also have this symbology of “going down the rabbit hole” that is related to their quest to expand the metaverse. It’s the perfect match to build this collection and explore this vision.



Crypto Boundless was founded with the purpose of always create thinking about innovation and new frontiers inside Web 3, NFTs, Crypto and the metaverse. The founder is also the creator of the projects, as an artist, designer, and writer. The company is bold and wants to create unique identities for each project, leaving a positive mark, making great work aligned with the contemporary world, and generating new cultures.

Visionary Rabbits it’s the first project of Crypto Boundless, but many others are coming. So, stay tuned for more creativity and innovation!

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